The most important day in my life

By Mark

Hello dairy, Today something terrible happened, my personal hero J. F Kennedy has died. He has been shot by a coward which I hope the government will find soon and give the punishment he deserve. It should have been just a normal day today, I had a basketball match to play against “The Bronx Kings”, but then the awful thing happened whit JFK. I am sure it hat been a game to remember. As you know I am the top goal scorer in the whole league and if I just had kept my average scoring in this last game I had been the top goal scorer of the year. By the way that is not the only competition I am about to win, Johnny and Lloyd from the team will soon own me 200 fresh dollars each. At the start of the basket season we made a bet about which of us who could get most dates with the teams cheerleaders. I have dated 5 and the sixth was supposes to get in my notebook today.

Now John F. Kennedy is dead and the world is completely different. I am sure there will be a huge ceremony in the memory of Kennedy soon. When I just got the news I could not believe it. There was a group out in the locker room who was talking about the murder, and I decided to join the group and get new information’s about my hero. They did not know more about it than me, but one of the girls told me that the TV-stations would have the story “running” all day. When I heard that, watching TV become the number one priority of the day, of the month, of the hole year. I had to know more about this story, could it really be true, deep inside me I knew it was true but I could not accept it. Not JFK not the greatest president of all times. He could not die, not just like that.

And dairy you will not believe what happened then, not that it was anything compared to the Presidents death, but anyway. Holly Jane Rahlens, you know The girl I should have been on a date with, joint the group and started talking to me about such a unimportant thing that I got sick. She asked about we still could have an ice and a soda. She must be the most uncaring person in the hole world, how could she think about “ice and soda” know. I could not control myself I told here what I meant about here selfish thinking. Afterwards she asked about I would go home to here house and se the whole JFK thing, it was a little sweet of here, but one of the other girls in the group had a color-TV, and I really did not want to lose anything of my number one priority, so I said no and walk home with the other girl, which name by the way was Glenda.

The TV-program was a bit of a disappointment, the journalists did not tell much else then that Kennedy was killed. Glenda was really sweet, almost “over sweet”, I think she likes me just like all the other girls. I tell you dairy it’s sure is a good thing to be the basketball captain.

Back at home both my parents was crying, I have seen my mother crying before but never my father. I understand why they cried but I still felt a little awkward about seeing my father crying. At that moment I realized even more how serious this situation was, fore my family and fore the hole world.

Now I am sitting in my bed and writing in this dairy. When I think back on this day I am sure I will remember it in a long time, I will remember this day forever. But all though I of course will remember this day because of Kennedy. There now is a thing in my mind I first have thourd of now a few minutes before my bedtime. That girl Holly, she liked me a lot, and I was really hard on here, now I regret and hope that she will give me another chance. But dairy, of course she will, I am the captain of the basket team.

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I am wondering what language the original questioner uses
The 'Anonymous' writer shows up on my page as located in Denmark.

I'm pretty much uninformed about differences from one country to the next, even between AmE and BrE. I recently corrected a usage on another post, only to find out that it involved a difference between American and British norms.

I'm sure 'Anonymous' is grateful that you've done what is the bulk of the work on this post; I just came in for a little clean-up.