Two town police station

Sub: tenant misbehaviour & vacate the house as early as possible.

I am swathi & home maker. I want to give a complaint on tenant misbehaviour. His name is Srinu, working as counsellor in KGH (it's outsourcing temporary job). He is make rude behaviour on me on 9th March 2020 @ 9:30pm. He is talking too much about me. He passes rude comments on me.

Actually, I told him to vacate the house. No more discussions, go and your job. Then he started abusing language. My neighbour asking him to go inside but he didn't listen anyone advice. He didn't vacate the house and two months rent is pending. Please recover and vacate the house. I took the video when he argue with us.

Such an idiot don't talk like that about lady. Please take action as under act 504 section take him to your under and seviourly punish him.



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