You wouldn't drive an electric car on a 1000 mile trip. You would use it for day-to-day driving and charge it at night.

1. Are there any mistakes?
2. Does 'would' in this context mean 'prefer' as in I'd like to ...?
Thanks in advance.
Hi N2G

1. It sounds OK to me.
2. 'Would' is used because the situation is theoretical. (If you had an electric car, you wouldn't drive it...)
New2grammarDoes 'would' in this context mean 'prefer' as in I'd like to ...?
No. This is just the past tense (hypothetical form) of will.
Once you get the car, you will find that you will not drive it on a 1000-mile trip. You'll use it for ...
You wouldn't drive it on a 1000-mile trip. You'd use it for ...
You could add an if-clause to show its relationship to a conditional structure.
If you [bought one / owned one], you wouldn't drive it ...
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Thank you, Yankee!
New2grammara 1000 mile trip
a 1000-mile trip
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Thanks, CJ and Yoong Liat.