what do u think abt Interracial marriage,i just wondering if people from diffrent area have diffrent opnion,gimme ur own answer ,do you mind it or not,what do ya think
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I would certainly consider it, I am an American married to an Indian (from India). It has been great so far!
Hi Linda,

So how is it working for you?
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Hey Linda,
Thats Great. Do you hear pie?
it is working great!
so, Linda?
Which part of India is he from, and how did you get to know each other?
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Thanks for your reply back. And Honey, I hear you, smoooooches to you dearest.
I think interracial marriages are a great idea. Anything like interracial marriages, couples, even friendships can really set a good example to others. I believe if people see two or more people who are together with totally different cultures, it can demote or end one's racial, stereotyping and ignorant attitude and premote acceptance.Emotion: smile Anyone agree with me?
Why not? But I don't think this deserves any kind of merit or recognition. An interracial (boy this word sounds strange) marriage would be as nice and beautiful as a 'standard' marriage (between people of the same 'race')
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