Hi teachers,
This is for a listening comprehension exercise. The text is from a CD. (The Elephant Man)
But sometimes it was difficult for him. At first, one or two people in the hospital laughed at Merrick because he was ugly. Sometimes, they brought their friends to look at him.

Assuming that we know that 'it' is 'Merrick's life in the hospital', 'him' is 'Merrick', and 'they' are 'the people in the hospital'; would the following be suitable questions and answers?
1. How was Merrick’s life in the hospital at times? It was difficult.
2. What happened to Merrick in the beginning? One or two people laughed at him.
3. For what reason was that? Because he was ugly.
4. What did the people in the hospital do every now and then? They brought their friends to look at him.

Thanks in advance.
Very good TS! Emotion: smile I realize answer 2 provides the context for question 3, but I might word it like one of these:

What was the reason they laughed at him?
What was the reason for that?
Why did they laugh at him?
Why did they do that?
Shawn79Very good TS
Hi Shawn,
Thank you for your rewording. Every now and then that happens, but don't get too exicted about that.Emotion: shake