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RE: applying for the position of a caregiver

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in applying for a position of a caregiver in as advertised by the agency “xxxx”-xxxxxxxx.

My experience working as a full-time English teacher prepared me for such duties. I feel I have a range of relevant skills. They have greatly developed both through my degree and my work experience. My job gave me the ability to deal with children and to get well along with the other people. I enjoy giving and receiving love. I have chosen my profession because it having to do with service to other people. The major force that has directed me is the sense of service and dedication.

Learning and education is very important to me. I think that such experience will be a good contribution to my career. I like to find things out for myself instead of being told or reading about them in books. I like traveling because it allows me to expand my mind. I have always wanted to encounter new places and people, who can teach me things that I do not know and who can expose me to new experiences.


  • CV

  • A copy of translated diploma

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Photos

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Just two things...

'...such experience....' : I think the article is missing here, 'such AN experience' sounds better to me.

'...expand my mind...' : it sounds a little bit strange to me but seems correct though... the expression I would have used is '... broaden my horizon...'... but again the expression you picked is probably good as well.
Thank you very much. This is the first cover letter in my life and it is quite important to me. Think sounds good?
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One more thing. It may be '... encounter new places...' isn't that good. I think that the verb 'encounter' contains the notion that you meet someone or something more or less unexpectedly. In which case it's good for people or moving objects or animals but maybe not for places ? How about 'discover new places' instead ?