How does one react to a failed relationship, a friendship or a failed Marriage? Should we be friendly even after we break up? Can we really do that? Or do you agree with me that we should move on and not look back, burying it in the past? Or should you or would you take revenge ? Revenge on the person who broke up with you? Or revenge on the system itself? Or revenge on oneself for getting into such a relationship or frienship or marriage?
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No point taking revenge, if you dont like the person better stay away, if you still like him/her try friendship.
Yeah, revenge is very destructive. Better to try to absorb the badness rather than push it from person to person, but I guess that is more easily said than done Emotion: smile
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I don't believe in being vengeful, why should you waste any more time on someone if they've already caused so much hurt? Just forget them and move on.
Revenge is a waste of time kills your spirit and no other.
Anyway, the worst insult you can do to anyone is to IGNORE them...
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All the time that you spend thinking about how to take revenge of the other person, you´re losing chances to establish a new relationship. It´s a waste ot time.
Revenge tastes a lot better when served on a cold plate, doesn't it?
Revenge is a dish best served cold. I cannot honestly say revenge is unnecessary when I have taken revenge out on others.
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