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well. You can take the salt of the water .. you know that, Right? With Destilation
Yes, J. Baker, but the distillation process is unnecessarily clumsy, isn't it? Besides, it wouldn't solve problems such as starvation and war, nor would it help us with environmental concerns.
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And how u going to solve it. the population has to be together and fight against it. not Fight like doing a war but fight against the goverment.
Hi J. Baker,

I don't think anyone needs to fight the Government...
Give me a solution then.
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Hi J. Baker,

My solution is simple and efficient. People should not be encouraged to have children. This way the population of the world will decrease. Of course some people should have children still, but not all people, and no one should be allowed to have more than one child.
you think that it's so simple.... it's not easy to do it. how you are going to start it.
Hi J. Baker,

What about 'hidden' contraceptives?
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Hi every body ,

I've read your posts .

I was thinking about the solutions you've offered to the under debate problem.

We all know that the population of Earth is still growing more than ever before .

And we also know that the environmental pollution is growing more than ever before too.

Now,if we supposed that we could limit the population, another question would arise .

**How could we STOP the pollution process that is ruining the rest of the fresh water we have ??????**

The above mentioned words are to convince you that limiting the population is not good enough to take as a solo solution.

And now let's talk about using the water of oceans instead of fresh water as a new source for water .

I think ,as a chemist, the water of oceans can be used for washing purposes only,

and this water would not be as healthy as pure water to drink .

I am waiting hopefully for you to answer some of the questions I wrote in the previous post.

By the way, I wish you correct any grammatically mistake in my posts.
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