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But you will just give for everybody.... ? you still didn't understand even if you give it is not everybody that go to use it.
Hi J. Baker,

When I say 'hidden contraceptives' I mean contraceptives that are given to people without them knowing they're using contraceptives!
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Too hard
Hi J. Baker,

I think it's worth it.
yeah I think so... but It's Hard...
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Hi J. Baker,

You're absolutely right. But we need to find a solution, no matter what it takes.
So .. Start to do it.. Emotion: stick out tongue
Hi J. Baker,

Perhaps I should have told you I'm a much less practical person than one might think. I think the world needs a dedicated person like you who could do it.
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Hi j.baker,

Hi Englishuser,

Actually ,I don't know why you keep discussing the distillation and whether this solution would be effective or not .

I understand that each one of you has his point of view but we don't want to change the direction of our topic from discussing the lack of water into discussing one solution.

In my previous replies I suggested some points and some questions in order to find satisfactory and comprehensive solutions to the under debate problem.

Maybe you remember the topic < Homosexual marriages- against the natures law?>

Some of the members left the topic itself and started to find a definition of the nature's law.

And they were ,therefore,talking about another issue that is not so related to homosexuality.

So,I'm BEGGING you not to change the direction of the topic and to try finding out

logical and reasonable solutions by thinking about the statements I've mentioned before.

**>>>I have a question for the members that are not participating in the debate .

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