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There is a HUGE difference between saying that there could be enough water on Mars to sustain the people who go THERE to explore or possibly even have a colony and saying that it's a practical solution to import water from Mars in enough quantity to sustain life back on Earth.

And yes, I do find the following comment provoking.
Twister By this process , would make a fortune out of a natural disaster. Somehow, would appear as the patriot of that age,eventhough it is using the people to get the fortune it wanted ."
Hi Grammar Geek,please calm down and don't be so sympathized with your country"".

I am sorry about the thing that you called "provoke".

But I think mine is a true and a real idea ,and as you know reality is better than dreams .
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The more interesting thing in this Forum that attracts me so much is the brilliant way and tips that the members follow when they discuss a topic, But in this one - as it is obvious - some people are almost having fight among each other, and It is noticeable how a few of them are trying to impose their viewpoints on the others.

I wish every one of us could offer his\her solution, try to convince the others and tell them what his\her evidences are. After all, we are here to get benefits from each other and improve ourselves without having strong ideas about anything, whatever it is.

And here I want to have my say, and give you my point of view. I don’t believe one hundred percent the idea of fetching water from another planet, and also I don’t find it impossible, because water will not last forever and there will not be life on Earth without water, that’s why scientists are trying to find out a method -if it is possible - to fetch water from another planet.

There is an American proverb says: where there is a will, there is a way.

And what is needless to say that our ancestors haven’t even thought about the Technology which we’re using now.

We are talking about solutions for the future generations not for us. So it would really be possible to fulfill this dream and make it come true. And I've read so many topics about this idea and how scientists are trying to make it possible, that’s why I don’t find it provoking and I don’t consider it as a dream, on the other hand I can’t say it is the ideal and the practical solution for our problem.
I think the expectation to get water is basically from mars !Emotion: rolleyes
We can't even reach Mars yet - to say nothing of bringing anything from there.
And the water from there will never be worth the fuel burnt to get it.
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Hi Dew 2007.

"May be water from there will never be worth the fuel burnt to get it", but it would be more valuable than the fuel when considering the human race that would survive by drinking it ….
Hello Everyone,
There is no easy fix for this problem. Water conservation is only going to slow the inevitable, and population control just isn't realistic. I think that it will have to be a new and innovative response that will only come about what the human race is in a position that it has no other choice. Unfortunately, that is the way of people as individuals and as a whole...only when they hit bottom do they accept change. But there is a way and I believe we will find it. Perhaps it will take the innovation to invent a new technology, or the harvesting of a comet and placing it in orbit to use its frozen resources. Maybe we will build a huge ray gun and vaporize large chunks of ocean, separating the salt from the ocean water and letting nice cool fresh water rain down from the sky. =)
no... i don't think that the war will take place over water.....the 75 percent of earth's total area is covered with water ...so there are more chances that in spite of war people may prefer filtration of water.

pragya srivastavsa
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People needs to apprehend that we are the major problem of this planet, in order for the planet to return to norm humans need to stop living in the way we do since the beginnings of 19th century. We need to allow the earth through its natural cycle to repair all the damage we have caused instead of continuing and creating more day by day!
If we do not stop living in this way the only thing that will save our descendants from the natural catastrophes and the poor resources for living on earth, will be the next Big Bang, that may reform earth once again and enable life after millions of years.
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