I got three questions about three songs I have been listening to. (Is 'perfect continuous' correct here? Please correct!!! If not, which tense?)

You may know the song 'Born this way' by Lady Gaga.
Why is it 'Born this way' and not 'Born on this way'? Would this be wrong?

You may know the Song 'I look to you' by Whitney Houston.
Is 'I look to you' grammatical? Isn't it: look at somebody/something?
'I look at you'?

While I was listening to 'Lifestyles of the rich and famous' I tried to understand the lyrics.
One part is: 'I'd like to see them spend a week, living life out on the street. I don't think they would survive. If they could only spend a day or two walking in someone else's shoes, I think they stumble and they fall. They would fall'
But I first understood 'I'd like to see them that it's been a week, living life out on the street.' Would this be wrong?
"Born this way" is an idiom. Lady Gaga is saying that no one can change her behavior because she was born with it. "Way" here doesn't mean "path" or "road," but more "personality" or "behavior," although you'd never say "Born this personality." It's hard to explain because it's an idiom.
"Look at" is almost always correct. In the Whitney Houston song, however, Houston is shortening the two-part verb "look up" as in "admire, respect, revere." She "looks up to whoever she is talking about" or "respects him." Another use of "look to" is in the common idiom "Look to the skies."
"that it's been a week" doesn't make sense in the context you're describing. You could say "I'd like to see them if it's been a week" or "I'd like to see them when/since it's been a week."