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Through out our life ,we always meet different types of people. Some we like and may be we do not like some others. But definitely ,there are others who we really admire even if they are few. We keep them deep in hearts and minds .One of those most admirable people I ever met is my elder brother ,Jimmy. He has a great personality and a lot of good characteristics. For instance, I am going to write about two noticeable characteristics which are: his role as member in our family and his great efforts in his practical life.

when talking about his role in our family, three sisters , three brothers and a beloved mom ,it is clear that Jamal feels that every member of us is his responsibility .To illustrate, he keeps doing his best to support every one of us whenever we need help .Moreover, he tries to lead us the safe shore of life through advice and actions. All that due to his warm heart especially with mother. He never says "No" to her what ever she asked .Accordingly, I believe that is the secret which makes him admired by every one around him. Truly, I can call him the" man of our family".

On the other hand, Jimmy is a hard worker. His great efforts in job is always remarked and respected by others .He never satisfy with what he had reached. But that does not mean that he is eager or mean. On the contrary, he tries his best to proof himself and to improve his work to benefit himself and others in the same time. Although of all that ,he still the most humble and kind person not only for me but for everyone knew him.

To summarize , Jimmy is one of the most admirable people I ever known. That because of his great characteristics which are difficult to be found in a person within our current life. Therefore, I am proud to say that "Jimmy is my brother".

Throughout our lives we meet many different types of people, some we like and others we don't. There are however some that we really admire, even if these are few in number, it is these people that we bear closely to our hearts. One of the mot special people I have ever met is my older brother Jimmy, he has a fantastic personality and a lot of other good characteristics. I am going to outline two of his most notable traits: one, his role i our family; and two, his great efforts in life.

My family consists of: my 3 sisters, my 3 brothers and my dear mother. Jimmy is an extremely protective individual, he sees all of us as his personal responsibility and does his best to support everyone of us. As well as this he tries his upmost to keep us safe and guide us with meaningful advice. He has a really warm heart, and this is most clearly illustrated by the way that he treats our mother, he is always keen to help her and never refuses to do anything she asks him, I believe this is what makes everyone around him admire him for who he is, he really is the man of the familly.

As well as all that has been mentioned, Jimmy is an extremely hard worker, his efforts at work are always commented on by others and add to the respect he is shown. He is the type of individual who is never satisfied by what he has, but this doesn't mean that he is greedy or mean, quite the opposite infact, he does all this to benefit others as well as himself.

To summarise, Jimmy is one of the most admirable individuals that I know, especially with the way in which he conducts himself, and the personal traits he shows that are hard to come by in today's society. It is all of this that makes me proud to say that Jimmy is my brother.
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