Which words are the correct ones for this sentence?:

"I wouldn't be/ wouldn't have been here if it weren't/wasn't for him.
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Good morning and Good day to everyone.

I literally don't know how to hide when I'm annoyed.
I'm deeply troubled by attitude of members, and this situation is in no way acceptable.
We may not have the same education, the best diploma or certificate, but we have one thing in common (COMMON SENSE).
We may not be as good as a news reporter,an anchor or a journalist.
('re here.)
we couldn't be here if it wasn't for thou, but now we're here so we need to work together.
We has dedicated our time to , and friends of Gbakpelle Hill can share ideas and work together.
Thanks for your kind response and as someone who is truly inspired, it would make me happy to say yes (we're Together).

However,l said the other day that we'll ask some members to work with the current leadership and l will also decline as moderator (for some time to attend to some businesses) and we'll choose a member to serve in that position as keynote guy for the main time.
Perhaps, when and if circumstances improve.l will be free to make a different choice.
So there we have it folks.
Thanks 're better together 😊...

I wouldn’t be here today if weren’t for your help.

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