What do you actually do when you wring your hands (to show that you are worried?)
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Could be a nervous tic or something. I don't do that myself......
More than worried... I'd say anguished
You pull at your hands and you can't stop...
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I think you twist and squeeze them, as if you were wringing out a flannel or a wet undergarment.

Oh, didn't read the question carefully. (Was in a hurry.)


Thanks, Mr. P.
I think its the motion you use when washing your hands, but without the soap and water.
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We must present a strange spectacle to anyone looking in, as we each make mysterious hand movements to ourselves...

Well said MrP. However, Khof's comment raised another question. So, we rub our hands against each other when we wash our hands? Any other verbs?
There is an expression, "one hand washes the other" (although now that I think of it, it should really be EACH hand washes the other) that means "you help me, I help you" or, in Latin, "quid pro quo."
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