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Affluent countries often provide more impoverished nations with money; however, it does not resolve poverty radically. Thus, developed countries should offer alternative fỏrms of assistance instead of financial support. From my point of view, I strongly agree with this statement because of the following explanations.

One of the main reasons why developing nations should assist in other ways is because the most significant element to demonstrate whether a country is wealthy or not is a good education. Today, most people in poor nations do not have access to an adequate education despite understanding that this is the key to ending poverty. The reason for this is that, for instance, some teachers have not been fully trained in professional knowledge to teach students. Perhaps developed countries should invest in better schools in less developed

nations, thereby creating more job opportunities for the needy. Hence, they can sustain themselves and take care of their families. Once this is improved, the economy will enhance, which also means that shorten the process of eliminating deprivation.

The second explanation for this is that sometimes, money does not reach the needy. Poorer nations have a corrupt government system. Usually, the leaders are greedy and only care about their bank accounts instead of their people. To illustrate, the US financial help to India after the 2004 tsunami was spent on the prime minister's house instead of helping the victims. In some cases, financial assistance is also known as a loan that the debtor country must reciprocate after a certain period of time, maybe ten years or even twenty years. Consequently, whether aid is not used for significant purposes such as economic advancement, the nation will only become poorer and poorer.

To sum up, giving economic support to poorer countries might not be the best way to help them. There are many advantages if rich nations can provide alternative forms of aid.


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