i want to write an email to my hubby..
that email sholud be as follws
i never forget you.u r the first groom
conducted me an interview..
i have to say sorry becoz i couldnt speak with u clearly
on that day.then it will show my expectations
the person should not be drunked ..occasionally thats
not a matter for me.that email should be reflected the
mode in which i feel more comfortable and
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Please try again. Put it into letter form ('Dear...') Check your spelling and capitalization.

When you have composed your letter, you can post it in our [url=http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/FormalGeneralBusinessLetterWriting-EnglishLanguage/Forum5.htm ] LETTER-WRITING FORUM[/url], and we will check it for you.
I never forget you.Because you are the first
groom conducted me an interview...
In my office gmail,yahoo is restricted..so
i couldnt mail you as soon as possible..
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Do you want to say that you never forget him because he was the first groom who "interviewed" you?

Are you sure 'groom' is the correct word to choose?

Groom = someone who takes care of a horse.

Groom = a man who is getting married at a wedding.

Best wishes, Clive
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Kindly go through this link


and let me know whether its correct
I have gone to that link. There is no improvement.
how to answer this question?
how to give best answer to this one?
do mail me your the mode in which you feel more comfortable and you are at ease . Would like to share few thoughts about me , get to know about you a bit.
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