hi to all;

i m new member of this forum.....from pakistan... i found it very informative....i need ur help in writing the following essay:

Truth In Short Supply

I will appreciate ur comments:

Thanks in advance:)

with best regards.Emotion: smile
hello...anybody home...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...help
You have to write the essay yourself first and then someone will help you with any errors.
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Also, if you make an outline we can help you with that. Reading the sticky at the top of this forum would help you a lot.
hi shama ,

ok i will try to write the essay on truth in short supply but first of all u have to tell me ur city , and from where u have heard this topic.

I also need your help to write this essay,


and i am also form PAkistan
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this question came in css (20016) essay paper............