Dear Friends,

Today is my last day in ABC company, I am going to resign from present position to another company, I want to express my appreciation and reluctant of leave to my boss and colleagues, so how can I write the email?

Thanks and best regards
Dear Sir or Madam,

We are studying English in . I’m writing you to let you know how to write the e-mail to appreciate to your boss and colleagues.

Here are some tips about expressing appreciation as followings:

1. You should write two e-mails. One is for the boss. The other is for colleagues. You should use polite language in writing an e-mail for the boss and write an e-mail with a casual language for colleagues.

2. Include good memories with them. Don’t refer to some bad memories which you experienced in ABC company.

3. Focus on the recipient. Do not talk about yourself too much.

4. Don’t write an e-mail too long.

I hope that it will help you with writing an e-mail of appreciation.


Here are some tips that we’ve learnt

First, be sincere.

Express appreciation truly and personally from your heart as much as you can. People can tell if you are not.

Second, focus on the people who will receive your letter. Do not talk too much about yourself.

Third, don’t have any hidden meaning in your letter. Do not try to make a sales pitch or get a favor.

Fourth, keep your letter brief.

Fifth, be specific.

For example, instead of just saying “thank you for your hard work”, add some more details that are results of one’s hard work.

Finally, try to avoid common expression. Instead be creative and personal.

Hope these can be helpful.
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Dear Anonymous, I think you should present your boss with a formal letter of resignation as a professional. I would demonstrate more thought and sincerity than just sending an email. Also, it would double for your employment file should you want to return. One way of expressing your appreciation would be in sharing how the position has enriched your experience while at the company. In sharing your reluctance tell of how hard it was to make the decision to leave because of the learnings, team spirit and the company's care of its employees, etc. These items don't have to be long sentences, but consice lines that speak to the point. If you are asked to elobarate I'm sure you can share in more detail. Another option is to type your request in a search engine, title: letters of resignation. I hope this helps.