Hello! Can anyone help me to write a letter to a Head of department at UK university. The thing is that I have a twin sister. We, both, graduated from the UK university, and would like to continue our education at Master degree. We have already submitted our applications. However, my sister didn't have a few points, more precisely 1.4 points to the rquired one. Thus, I got an offer from the university, but she was rejected because of her grades. In this regard, I intend to write a letter for a head of department in order to convince him to give her a chance. Since, we do not want to split up. And, for our parents it's more convinient if we could study at the same university. Please, I'd be very grateful if anybody could help me write this letter. Thank you.

Sorry, we don't write letters for people.

But if you try, we will check your draft for you. Just begin by writing what you would ay if you were talking to the person face to face.

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2nd September 2019

Rumbek University of Science & Technology.

College of Economics and social studies.

Department of Rural Development.

Application for the submission of Rural Development research project proposal topics for degree (B.SC) in Rural development.

Dear Head of department.

The following are list of research project proposal topics for Degree (B.SC) in department of rural development:

  • The sustainability of local economic development projects. Case study of ministry local Government, Agriculture and local municipality areas in western lakes state).
  • Women Empowerment and Community development. ( A case study of local government areas and NGOs in western lakes state).
  • Effects of rural-urban migration on rural development. (A case study of local government areas of western lakes state).



James Malil

What are you actually asking the Head of the Department to do? Why are you sending him/her this list? If you explain this, I'd be happy to comment further.

a lit of research project proposal topics is an awkward and unclear phrase. I suggest a list of proposed topics for my research project.

Don't say 'regards'. It's too informal. Say eg Yours sincerely.


I would also find out who the "department head" is and address the letter to him or her. That is, I would use the person's name rather than position. If you are writing a letter seeking permission or favor, you want to do everything reasonably possible to show that you are making a sincere effort.

I also seem to recall that in Europe, a comma is used in the salutation. In North America, it's a colon. Neither, however, use a period.

Dear Sally Smith, (This is the convention for Europe, I believe. If I am wrong, I hope someone jumps in.)

Dear Sally Smith: (convention for North America)

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