hello everybody im new in this forum, i'm here because i want to learn more English language, i'm a musician and i would like to write my song's in englis because it's more easy, someone can help-me showing me waht kind of books i can read and the steps more aproprieted to do that.

Best regards, from PORTUGAL

uhm, English poetry perhaps?


can you tell me some books?

nice outhor's...
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I liked Earth's Crude Gravities. But I don't know if that holds true for you as well.
You can do better than buying books if you're on the net. I know of an american site with loads of (kind of classic) poetry with recordings you can listen to or download. It's called "repeat after us" and could help you with pronunciation as well as helping you get to know english language poetry.

It's also good to listen to english language music while reading the lyrics and there are lots of sites with the lyrics on them. Try it, I know I've learnt a lot of lyrics that way.
Listen to Bob Dylan's works.
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