To Active Voice:

1.The forest was going to be cut down for the new hydro electric project.

2. Where was the ferocious man eating tiger shot dead ?

To Passive Voice:

1.FCS are only marketing their new dental equipment in Europe.

2.We would reduce costs if we used less paper.

Pls help me solve this difficult ones...I have completed my whole exercise...These are bothering me


You seem to be repeating and double posting. I just saw another post about the forest.

You should be able to do at least parts of these.

In going to active, you have to make up a new subject. Usually it's "somebody". Then the old subject becomes the new object.

In going to passive, you have to change the object to a subject.

Why not post as much as you have, and we can go on from there?



In active voice

1. They were going to be cut down the forest for the new hydroelectric project.

2. Where did the hunter shoot down the ferocious man eating tiger?

In passive voice

1. Their new dental equipment is only being marketed by FCS in Europe.

2. Costs would be reduced by us if we used less paper.