In several countries, many people are increasingly conducting research regarding the origins of their own family. There are a number of reasons why this trend happens, and I believe it is a negative tendency.

To begin with, there are some reasons why individuals are interested in discovering their family’s history. The first clear reason is that these people are just curious about who their ancestors were and what role they played in society. For example, it might be interesting to find out that one’s great-grandfather was once a member of the royal family. This kind of information can make people become proud of their origins. Additionally, many people research about their family’s history as this activity can serve medical purposes. For instance, they would be aware of any disease that they inherit from their relatives.

However, I would argue that this tendency is negative because of some reasons. Firstly, as this trend does not bring about significant benefits apart from those related to health care, it can be considered a waste of time and money, especially for young individuals. In my opinion, it would better for them to focus their resources on more important things such as improving their social skills. Secondly, the information on the history of one’s family may have adverse effects on their attitude in life. To illustrate, a person with a noble origin may become arrogant, while someone who is a descendant of a criminal might be ashamed and lose his confidence.

In conclusion, researching one’s own origins is becoming more common in society, and I believe this is a negative development.


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