I try to improve my writing skills by copying the structure of certain authors. In order to do that I need to understand the logic of the sentence, of course. My question is how the phrase (?) in bold is gramatically correct? My way of phrasing it would be "long-standing practice of Modernist thinkers of dismissing mass culture on the grounds of inauthenticity". I want to know in which grammatical category the phrase in bold belogns to (is it a noun phrase?) and why "to" is used instead of "of". Is it merely a stylistic preference or is my structure wrong?

"To put this in slightly different terms, one might say that the democratic urge in Modernism to break down all division between the elite and the popular culture has at last overcome the long-standing practice of Modernist thinkers to dismiss mass culture on the grounds of inauthenticity."


It was their practice to dismiss it. That is why "to" is better. We use the noun "practice" that way.