There are some specific words when connecting/starting sentences, clauses and phrases like conjunctions, connectors, discourse markers etc.

I wanted to study them thoroughly both to improve my speaking and writing skills in an academic way and know when and/or where use them in a sentence. Could you list the grammatical term for those specific words and the things I need to search?

I already know these terms but I have no idea whether there are other words to search for: conjunctjons, connectors....

To clear any sort of ambiguity, I am asking for words such as although, therefore, however, neither nor, FANBOYS.

Appreciate any help.

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Thank you sir for providing the link, but unfortunately I didn't get the answer what I was looking for. Let me ask my question in another way.

There are words called " conjunctions" such as

Coordinating conjunctions and correlative conjunctions.

There are other subordinating conjunctions used to form adverbial clauses(are they used for any other purpose?)

And, there are also other words as you kindly provided as " conjunctive adverbs".

There are also words such as " in spite of, despite, although ..."( which I don't know what they are called in grammatical term and would be grateful if you mention that"

I wanted to know whether this list continues or that's it. If there are other term, I would be so much grateful to know them'

Abbas Rajabpourin spite of

Groups like this are called 'compound prepositions'. If you search for that term you should find even more information.


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