These days, the computer has become well-known with lecturers to use technology and teach the students through the internet. Meanwhile, there is no need for physical participation in university. Personally, I think that the internet will rapidly enhance students' lives. Therefore, it brings the benefit rather than the traditional way it used to be.

Firstly, during this COVID-19 pandemic, online learning helps me understand the lecture better because the teacher will speak or record the lessons through the mic. After that, I can learn the lesson. Besides, the sound clear makes it easier for me to hear. Moreover, studying on the internet like Meeting, Zoom, Teams apps is much more advantageous for listening to my lectures because here are big and wide lecture halls, sometimes teachers speak very fastly, according to the volume is not large enough so I only grasp about 65% of the lecture content.

Secondly, another reason is time-saving. In addition, going to university is a time-consuming and monotonous routine while students can learn in their room by internet and students will practice the saved time for completing the homework or recreational activities. Actually, in online lessons, about learn on zoom and meeting apps. Teachers often record lectures and post them on the school's internal website. Furthermore, the teacher send us lessons or create a chat group on Messenger, Zalo so that we can keep up with the lesson. Namely, I can easy to review lectures anytime, anywhere. Hence, the internet has built an amazing network for everything one needs to understand whether you want a certificate or not.

To conclude, I agree with the idea of using the internet, social media, technology in education while it gives valuable information to students. It helps us learn about everything, gain new things we can't look up to before, discover ourselves. The internet will develop and be fantastic in the future.

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apple hat 400the computer has become well-known with lecturers to use technology

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apple hat 400Personally, I think that the internet will rapidly enhance students' lives.

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apple hat 400 it brings the benefit

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