[ some people believe that it is to share as much information as possible in scientific research business academic word. Others believe that information is too important or too valuable to be shared freely.

Discuss and give your opinion.]

There are numerous ideas surrounding the issue whether or not people should share almost all information. In my opinion the dissemination is terrific but only with several kinds.

It is true that allocating information to various fields is really useful, especially in scientific research. Imagining that the valuable discovery in the past had not been shared openly with the academics and researchers, the development of the world would have become standstill. For example, people all know that one of the most crucial inventions is the internet, without this technology, humans might still have to live in the pre-internet era where people are unable to make new friends, update news from the world and widen their horizon. On the other side, the curbed information may become pointless if they are not implemented in the real world, as well.

However, sharing the sensitive information can bring about severe consequences that can exert negative impacts on not only in individuals but also the community, the word. In particular, if the information which must be kept secret because it penetrates State security is leaked and handed over to the offenders or even terrorist groups. Government can be controlled by the cruel guys or maybe those guys will harm many people by the information. For instant, if nuclear technologies are shared with all nations openly for scientific studies. There will be a high ability that the word peace may be threatened because nuclear weapons are so dangerous and the most awful result of it maybe the destruction of not only the Earth but also the other planets as well.

In conclusion, only by sharing selective information can people help a lot in numerous fields of life

cat desk 671some people believe that it is [missing word] to share as much information as possible

There's a word missing from that question. Can you tell us what it is?

cat desk 671in scientific research business academic word.

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