Good Day All,

This is my first subject in EnglishForward, I like to start from Writing world because I like writing. I use to write in my mother language some story & artical, also at my work I write memos, letters, emails & reports.

English is a Business Language also communication language that helps in represent thoughts and ideas to others form diffireant country. I register here to learn and update my knowledge and try to add something good to myself. I hope to be able to write in English as I write in my mother language.

Thanks evrybody,

Hi & Salaam Zahra,
Welcome to EF and I'm sure you'll enjoy spending time in here, getting to perfect your written english and meeting lots of people from all around the globe.
Salam Waiti,


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I like writing too. What do you like about writing? Do you like writing for personal or professional reasons better?

I like the precision writing gives me. When I am speaking, I don't think about what I am going to say. I just say it. When I write, I feel my ideas are more powerful. I can think about the idea I want to communicate and pick precise words and structure to communicate it. I also think writing well helps me speak better. It gives me practice being thinking about how to best communicate my ideas.


I am aprofessional. I am struggling to write professional letter. this is the very big minus to enhance my professional skill. When i start to english letters and i feel very badly as lak of vocabulary power. Every day i am trying to improve my english knowledge.