I would like to have a pen-friend for better English contact. I've been living in Athens (Greece) for 35 years. My name is Dimitris,thank you very much all!
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I also want to have pen -friend so, why dont you write something to me??
Im medicine student from Poland (Lublin), and I`d like to improve my english grammar...
here is my mail:

- I am a Romanian General Practitioner and I am a biginner student of English

- I want to improve my English but I can't without any help

- Of course you can say "why don't you get English lessons"

- Yes you are right but be sure that I have an English teacher but I realise that is very important to talk to somebody. I can practice my English just with my wife. My wife is General Practitioner too.

- But If some of us make a mistake is quite possible to make the same mistake both of us.

- I mind maybe is some of you who want comunicate with me on yahoo messender or email.

- It'll be a great pleasure for me If somebody help me by this way.

- Thank you for your attention and scuse my for my mistakes.

Dr Perceli

PS I hope in the future to make less and less mistames.

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Mike in Japan
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Hi I'm still looking for pen-friend.
Dear Dimitris,

I am Hungarian surgeon and have spent half year in Athens in 1993. I have very good friends there. My name is Csaba Csonka dr. my email address is as follows: Email Removed.">Email Removed. If You want to write me do not hesitate.

Best regards,

Hi Dimitris - "Kalimera sas! Ti kanete?"

I have spent half year in Athens, and have very good friends there. I am Hungarian surgeon. If you want we can correspondent each other.

Best regards, Csaba (cscsaba)
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Hi, I am Leila. I realized that you would like to have a pen-friend to improve your English. If so, please write to me , as I woild like to improve my English too.


I may be help to you. I'm Krystyna from Toronto,Canada.You can e-mail me at <removed mod>

All the best!
So am I, anyone who want to improve his writing , he can write letters to me by using e-mail. Very glad to communicate with you!
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