Hello guys, I has to write a letter of previous working experience and would like you guys to check it out if I made some mistaked or if some ajustments can be done. Thanks a lot. Here is the letter :

"For the summer vacations of 2008 I worked in Liège Airport for the company called Bellfloor. This company has setteled down in Belgium not long ago and has its headquarters in Mian, Italy. I worked as a student-manager and had to represent Bellfloor in Belgium. The pay was great for a student job, the only relevant issue was that it was a temporary job.

I arrived at work at 7am until 6pm ( and even more depending on the daily flights) for the two months of summer. My job consisted in selling tickets, take phone calls, do DSRs (Daily Sent Reports) on excel and take care of the exess baggage. After finishing my work at about 6pm, I had to do the transaction of the daily profits that the company had made, to Italy.

At beginning, I found this work pretty exhausting since I had to contribute all of the hard work by my own, but later on I began meeting interesting people, talk with sales managers, take advices and discovering the wonderful world of economics which I was not aware of. I was opened to any kind of advice and made sure to take care of the customers.

It's a pitty that I could not go on further with this work. Although I think studies are more important than temporary work. Luckily, Liège Airport promised to leave a door opened in case i would like to apply for a job after finishing the studies. "

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