Hi Everyone,

I am new to this group,

I am trying to write a sponsorship letter as I am getting marry and would like to see if different companies ie. florsit, jewlery, photos, etc. are willing to sponsor my wedding.

Could anyone please send me any ideas to my email address which is<email address removed by mod> as to how to write the letter. this would be a generic letter as i would be sending it to different places just with minor adjustmetns.

I would really appreciate it. the wedding will take place either in December 2005 or April 2006 depending on the financial situation.

thank you very much

Please see the first post in this section of the forum.



Thank you for your reply.

When you suggested that I check the first posting in this section did you mean the one with the guidelines for this site? I just want to make sure that I am reading the correct posting.

Thank you very much,
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Yes, that is the correct post to read.Emotion: smile
am really looking forward for some one who can sponsor my studies bse i want to complete my studies .if u can help me plse email me <email address removed by mod>