Dear all,

I am trying to write an invitation letter for a dinner to an elegant lady.

I am trying to write it very elegantly, to make it outstanding.

So I am looking for some fency phareses (e.g. like 'yours excelency' or similar things that one can use in writing to a lady).

I have made a search on google but I could not be sucessful to get some examples, templates or so....

Now, what I would like to ask three things:

1. a short (or long if possible) list of words or phrases I can make use of in this invitation letter

2. templates of such a letter.

3. Can I start the letter as "Your Elegance, Miss Sue Gardener"? Is this a right way to say?

Thank you in advance.

I would appreciate your replies.

In the country and culture that I live in (Canada), a woman who was addressed in such fancy ways as these would think it was very odd and probably very funny. However, I know that such matters often depend on where you live. Do you think it would be OK in your country? Where do you live? May I also ask why you want to write in English instead of your native language? Is it because the lady and you speak different languages?

Best wishes, Clive
Hello Clive,

I am writing this letter to an English native.

Well there are two reasons why I do this:

1. indeed to be a little old fashioned which I find is a bit elegant. Why should I just write a very normal letter as anyone else? Lets make a difference. In todays time eveything became very standard and I think men have lost how to write and behave respectfully. Now in this letter I would like to be elegant to make the concerning lady feel signled out...

2. Also a bit to be amusing. Not to be very amusing but just to make her smile.

So I think such a letter would be nice. Ok not very fency it will be, but definitely be more kind than it is supposed to be.

I would appreciate your further comments.
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OK. As long as the lady has a sense of humour, I don't see why you shouldn't start with something like

Your Elegance, Miss Sue Gardener,

You could finish with something fancy like

Your adoring servant,

Why don't you draft the rest, and then we can offer you comments?.

Hello Clive,

Thank you much for your suggestions and the offer to check a draft.

I unfortunately already wrote and sent the letter.

But it was just as I wanted. So things were fine.

Thanks again.