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I am a 40 years old Asian and have adequate knolwedge in English grammar and writing.However, when it comes to conversation, I have a tough time to pull the words from my mind ,and most of the time I take few seconds to pull the words from my memory while speaking or forming a sentence. Although I know tons of stylish,rythmic, and novel words, I can hardly recollect from my memory and put them into conversations. But in the case of writing, I have no problem in recalling grammar rules and writing the sentences legitimately and clearly.But I am not able to apply those rules in conversational english instantaneously. What is my problem? Is it because of I am getting old? Do you have any suggestions? How should I improve my conversational skills? Any websites? I feel I am totally worthless to live in this world. Please help.
Anon, I've moved your post in here. Browse the different threads in this section, you might find useful tips!
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I have the same problem bat I am 31 years old.

I think that it is useful talk with friends.
The problem is that you have learned to read and write English before you learned to speak it.
Consequently you are always translating from your mother tongue (L1) into English (L2) when you are speaking. This causes the time delay.
Babies and children always learn to speak first, and to read/write later. That is the natural/normal way that language is learnt.
Age is also a factor. Some studies of the brain indicate that L1 is stored in the Broca's area of the brain, but that this gets substantially filled up by the time a person reaches their teenage years.
So at 40, it is not going to be easy to learn L2. The brain has to force the new language in somewhere else, and then the brain has to find where it has put the new information!
However, learning continues through life, but for most people it is harder when we get older.
I suggest you find some English friends, listen to English radio, watch English tv.
Try to associate regularly and often with native English speakers. (And maybe have some lessons with a qualified speaker.) Don't give up! It's not easy, but you will be surprised how quickly you will make progress, and you'll be conversing naturally in English because you will gradually begin thinking in English, or rather, you won't actually be thinking in English because your responses will automatically be in English! It's true!

Best wishes.
i m also facing same kind of problem. and m 26 year old, m also want to know wht should i do. i feel m following all rules which are mention on the website besides this m not able to conversation in english
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