I'm writing a letter to refuse the invitation to an international conference for my boss. Can anyone tell me how to write such a kind of letter? I found it difficult to find the appropriate expressions to make it "formal"...
OK, darlin’ I’ll get the ball rolling for you. I’ve never had to do it myself but here goes. (Keep askin’ if this isn’t any good for you – smile)

Dear Sir (Sir is back in fashion)

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your invitation to the ‘Totally Marvellous Hot Air Balloon Expo in Belgium, July 4, 2004. I regret that my schedule for July prevents me from accepting your invitation this year. I do hope that you may wish to keep me posted regarding future expositions.

I enjoyed meeting Mr Richard Harris [get relevant information from your boss’ diary if possible] on February 20 earlier this year and am very grateful to him for remembering my interest in the expo.

Yours faithfully

Donald Duck
[your boss’ name]

Now, Darlin’, remember that there are plenty of books for doing this sort of letter. May I suggest one for you? Let me grab my reference copy now…

Merriam-Webster's Guide to Business Correspondence

This is the best little book around. There are lots around second-hand for cheap. It comes with a little floppy disk with examples. Now, maybe write back and do it better than me! Won’t be hard!!
Hi, everyone

I am want to write a letter to invite Stake holders to attend aa conference about Substance misuse.

Can anyone help me draft a letter.


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It's best if you try to write something, and then we can give you comments.

Tell them the date/place/etc., what the conference is about and why they should attend.

Best wishes, Clive
Dear Sir,

Please note that the sals meeting will be changed on 31.08.08
Dear Purnima,
As per your direction we were going to bank for crearence the cheque on 3.02.11 but bank manager refused it due to stop payment.
So please send the other new cheque immediately so that we will start the project soon.
Rajes Dubey
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Thank you, this was really helpful.

this really helped.
But yesterday I was asked a question in Interview saying that
"How do you write an email to the organizers of a meeting saying you cannot attend the meting and your colleague will attend on your behalf.."

can u pls tell me this..
thanks for ur time..

You should start your letter as usual - in accordance with the type of letter. It is an invitation to a conference so the letter has to be formal. So, start with a salutation. "Mr or Mrs...". Secondly, start describing the situation: why can't you go? Don't make excuses and don't tell weird stories, just be honest. You can write that there are some personal problems. Then you have to show that this invitation is important to you and that you really appreciate being invited. After that express that you are thankful. And write that you expect that the conference will be great. End the letter.

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