Dear teachers,

Would you please have a look at this text and tell me if there are any changes to make and if the use of tenses is correct ?

I have 4 classes in the morning. At 8.30 (1) I WILL BE SITTING my History class. My teacher likes the French Revolution very much and knows the subject inside out! By 8.55, my history class (2) WILL HAVE FINISHED. I don't like Algebra and lucky for me, I've got a 15-minute break right after. At 10.30, I (3) WON'T BE DISSECTING frogs, for this I (4) WILL HAVE TO WAIT until the afternoon Biology class. No, at about 10.30, I (5) WILL BE DOING English exercises. We (6) WILL probably WORK on the future tense. I wish we could skip ahead to another lesson, but teacher said that it is important that we should master this tense. By 11:20 my physical education class (7) WILL HAVE STARTED. The afternoon workload isn't too bad. I only have 2 classes, including the Arts class. Drawing is a lot of fun, my teacher is funny too and my classmates are very quiet in the afternoon... this class (8) IS GOING TO BE the most relaxing moment of the day! After school, I usually ride my bike home. But this time is different I (9) AM MEETING Dan at 3 o'clock. Yesterday, we talked about how we (10) WOULD BE SPENDING the afternoon but didn't have any idea and we still haven't made (up ?) our mind. I guess we (11) WILL JUST SEE how it goes.

Kind regards,
Hi guys,

Perhaps for #1, Hela meant to type 'sitting in' my History class?

For #2, in this context I don't really see any difference between 'finished' and 'ended'.

Best wishes, Clive
In my opinion you are using the tenses correctly. However, your choice of words seems rather odd to me sometimes. Please take a look at the below suggestions:

1. I will be attending

2. will have ended
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Thanks, Clive. I really appreciate your help.

All the best Emotion: smile
CliveFor #2, in this context I don't really see any difference between 'finished' and 'ended'.

Best wishes, Clive

I only see a difference in register. "Ended" sounds more formal than "finished" in such contexts.
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