These days,there is an ever-growing of people use computer with a large amount of time.Well,I do admit that excessive use of computers can harm the kids in many ways and hence I fully agree that people should spend less time on their computer to avoid the risk of this trend for their children.

On the one hand,there are many people who use the computer with the large amount of time,as a result their offsprings will be curious about this tiny machine and start to use it.Actually,computer have their downsides.Children probably enter the internet to search everything they want with no limited.Consequently,they possibly see the violent or unsuitable images.This can lead to the dreadful consequence.Moreover,kids can also play game on the computer,if they spend much time on playing computer,they indeed don’t have time to do many benefical exercises and improve their health.More critically,they are likely to be addicted to computer games.This must cause lots of adverse impacts.

On the other hand,the computers would be helpful if children used them with reasonable time.This will depend on how their parents manage them.The children need proficiency in computers to be able to get the high scores or the pleasant job in the future.What’s more,computers have lots of webs which are designed for teaching and inspring kids to accesss more informations,as a result that process would expand their horizons.From my perspective,parents virtually can not stop their offsprings from using computer in this digital age.It would be better if they can encourage moderate use and taught them how to use the computer with the right way.

To sum up,moderate use of computer would be beneficial.However,the excessive and irresponsible use of computer is harmful and should be prevented


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