Task 1: The graph below shows the number of subscribers paying for fixed telephone line and mobile/cell phone networks in Africa between 1994 and 2007 .

Series 1 (fixed), Series 3 (mobile). Figures are in hundreds of millions

The line graph illustrates a number of Africans paid to used fixed line telephone services and mobile phone services during the period 1994 to 2007.

Overall, the figure of people paying for fixed telephone line rose steadily during the period. In contrast, the number of whom choosing cell phone networks climbed gradually in the first half period, but then it rocketed in the remaining period.

To begin with, in 1994, 100 million people used cell phone services, while subscribers to fixed telephone line totaled more than double this number. Subscription to fixed line networks then saw a steady increase to 300 million by 2002. Even though the amount of mobile phone users have a gradual increase until 2000, there was a rapid growth to the same figure of 300 million in 2002.

After that year, a number of subscribers to mobile telephone continued to rise dramatically to 800 million throughout the period. On the other hand, the data of fixed line telephone users rose slowly in comparison, reaching almost 400 million at the end of the given period.

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