[Cooperation in international competition]

Dear Jane,

I hope you have a nice day at your college. It has been a long time since our last message to other due to the fact that we are busy with our personal future plans.

I have noticed that you have several troubles at your university because of the culture difference. My school life has not changed much from before, because my family does not prefer to study overseas. I prefer to take part in international competitions so may we cooperate in this challenge?

This competition is about marketing - which is similar with your passion. We have a chance to meet some experts in these jobs and have a lot of opportunities to meet big company ambassadors or presidents.

Have you ever thought that we will speak in front of lots of people to demonstrate our presentation ?

Are you interested in prizes and experience ?

Also, I have some advice and suggestions for you in order to have you solve your issues. First, be confident with yourself, you come from one of the poorest country in the world and you earn the highest scholarship, so you should think more positively about yourself. As I taught, you may meet another friends in my university by participate in our competition and have knowledge about soft skills.


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