I know of course it is not allowed to write in any language except English in chat . but , i am asking about writing in other languages in our profiles , publishing announcements , posting comments in other's profiles and so on .
In another way
- Can I comment in profiles , pictures and so on in any language ?
- Can I publish announcement in any languge ?
- Can i write some information in my profile in any language ?

Can you please show us the rules about that issues ?

Thanks in advance Emotion: smile
Hi msre,

Since we're an English learning site, everything must be in English including comments / announcements / about you info etc. Posts in foreign languages are only allowed in the dedicated sections. Emotion: smile
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RuslanaSince we're an English learning site, everything must be in English
That is what I thought since we are in english site , but what made me wonder is that I found some people had done this , so i thought maybe it's OK .I just wanted to be sure about it , and now I am sure Emotion: smile.
Thanks Rusulana , but may I ask what is the "dedicated section"?

Thank you.
Well, we cannot always track everyone who's got foreign announcements or comments, but when we come across such members, we send them a reminder that everything should be in English.

The dedicated sections are these :

Obviously, Russian is only allowed in the Russian section, German - in the German section etc.
Thanks Emotion: smile
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