Dear Friends,

I'm a international student who tries to apply to a PhD program in the US. To get a better chance to be admitted to the program, I want to contact some major professors to first, introduce myself and second, to express my interest in working/doing research for/under him/her. But since it is a letter to individuals who don't know me at all and who probably hold the power to my future. I have problem in wording. Please help in out!!!!! I simply need to know how to start the letter humbly but at the same time, plainly explain my intents and market myself. Please help me!

You do some research, find out who the professors are that you need to contact, and address them by name: Dear Professor xxxxx.

Do not try to be "humble". Be honest and be polite. Say exactly what you have done, what you want to do and why you think joining the research programme will benefit both them and you.
Dear Thayer

I'm a studant too but I trying to apply for MSc program and I have the same problem as you have . I want to ask you to help me if you find any useful information in this case .
I made this request because I don't know how I can make a page like yours and ask every one for help and I think this is the best way of asking for such a help.
your prompt repply will be appriciate

Good Luck
Ebrahim Kiani