Hi, I am writing English lyrics for my songs, could you please help me with the following issues:

1) Is it ok to say "He walked a strange path under these stars" about someone's whole life which has already ended? May be another tense should be used. Past Perfect?

2) What is correct: "How many torments did he see" or "How many torments has he seen" or "How many torments had he seen", if we say it about a man who died long time ago.

3) What is more correct: "until the sun will cast" or "until the sun casts"? Is it still ok to use the first way if it fits the song rhytmically?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Shade,

Lyrics is completely personal and grammar is not always the most important. Without the whole song, fragmented lyrics is hard to visualize.
Is lyrics a plural or a singular?
Lyrics are or lyrics is?
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WesternAmericanIs lyrics a plural or a singular?
Lyrics are or lyrics is?

Is 'lyrics' plural or singular?
'Lyrics are' or 'lyrics is'?
If lyrics are plural, then why did you add 'is' after?
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Goodman made a little error. It should be 'lyrics are ...'
Thank you!
I thought Goodman would start another lecture about a 'if lyrics comes after X, then you turn it into singular, and therfore add 'is''!
Thank god!

Love you all!
Shade was in need of your help, please someone pay attention to his post.
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