Hello everybody,

Please I need someone to help me in writing a paragraph about "the most valuable item you own".

1- It should have a topic sentence that develops one main idea about that item.

2- Also, supporting sentences which explain why this item is so valuable.

3- As well as a conclusion.

Note: 8-10 lines.
Hi Mylang,

We can't write something about your tastes, nor are we supposed to do your homework. Since it's only a ten-line essay, it shouldn't be too difficult to write it yourself. Once you're done with it, post it here for correction.



The following paragraph should answer this question: Does this paragraph explain why the item is so valuable?

My most valuable item in my life is my own house. This house means a lot to me because it was a valuable gift from my father. The occassion was my universal date which let me never forget that day. The house occupies my all family that has four rooms and a big yard. My kids like to play around in the garden and smiw in the big swimming pool. It is my hard interest towards any gift granted to me especially from an important person like my father. In conclusion, I never give up the most valuable item in my life that is the precious house of taught.
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I'm not sure if you can consider a house as an item... I rather consider it as an asset...but anyway, someone else will shed light on this one. Also the short essay you have typed above, are you sure it will come down to 8 lines on paper?


the most valuable present I have ever received is a car when Igraduated from the faculity of education

i need to write the most valuable object
who can help me
write your opinion below

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gray candle 80the most valuable object

One particular nail.