New one if you could help me correct this subject.Wondering if I can do something in return?Dear Sirs,I am writing this letter to let you know the accident I had in the car I hired from you.I was just about going to go the public road from the parking of the restaurant named “Mike’s” when blue BMW came into the parking and hit our car.I was stopping because of the difficulty to judge whether safe or not since the big sigh board of the restaurant disturbs the sight to the road.The car got bit of scratch mark on the right corner of the front side whereas The BMW got bigger scratch on the left corner of the front side.No one got injured, so we did not go to the police.I hired the car April 20 at ABC branch. I informed my insurance company contact person name and telephone number to him, and got a his insurance company telephone number in return (telephone number and name:---).The insurance company would contact you soon.I just wanted to let you know the details in advance.Sincerely,
This is the best I could do. I am a beginner myself, so there will be mistakes. I hope that my reply will make the topic 'active' again and help attract some expert's attention.
Dear Sirs,
I am writing this letter to let you know about the accident I had in the car I hired from you on April 20 at ABC branch. I was driving the car out of the parking lot of a restaurant named 'Mike’s' when a blue BMW bumped into the car. I was driving slowly due to safety concerns since the public road was obscured by the big sign board of the restaurant. (I guess you should mention the thing for which your driving slowly is meant to be an explanation) The car received a scratch on the right corner of the front side. Thankfully, no one got injured, and hence we did not go to the police. The BMW's owner and I exchanged information about our respective insurance companies. My insurance company would soon contact you. I just wanted to let you know the details in advance.

Regards, Ashish
Thank you very much Ashish!I do not fully understand this system, you are correcting English learner writings to practice as a English teacher?Sorry I was just wondered.
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You're welcome! No, I am not an English teacher. I am a learner myself. Your question had remained unresolved for quite a few days. And since it wasn't 'active' any more, I thought there was very little chance that an expert would help you out. So I decided to edit the letter for you with whatever little knowledge I had! I thought that it would make your question 'active' once again and might help elicit a response from one of the experts here. I would also have benefitted if an expert had shared their opinion. Unfortunately, nobody replied. Nonetheless, I would like to believe that I did an okay job with your letter, though it can surely be organized better. I hope I was of some help!
Hi Ashish,Thank you for fulfilling my question. I believe English is the official language in India, right? Since your writing looks perfect for me, why you need leaning English if you will not become a teacher?Anyway, you can ignore my reply, my curiosity might bother you.I just wanted to say your writing is beautiful and appreciate your attention!
Hi Anonymous,
You're welcome! Thanks for your appreciation! But I don't think my English is anything even close to perfect! In fact, I think it has a tremendous scope for improvement.
Yes, you are right that English is an official language in India. But then, there are 21 other languages that are reconized as official! So it really isn't that significant.
You don't necessarily have to be an aspiring English teacher to keep learning the language! It's a complusory subject in High School! Besides, I really like studying English. Also, proficiency in English will give me an edge over others when I enter the job market. You can say that I have some very good reasons to continue studying English!
Regards, Ashish
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Hi Ashish, Thank you for your kind explanation, still, I could not find any difference between you and native speaker.Correcting someone’s mistake may be the best way to improve advanced learner’s skill. India is very hot country now (not only temperature but on business), I have experience working with Indian guy who is totally smart and good has personality. Best wishes for your success in your career!!!Regards, Ako (too lazy to register …)