hi, pls check the following for language mistakes and can you please tell me that have I written the right answers?

Respected Sir,

I refer to your show cause letter that I received on April 3, 2017.

1) I would like to apologize and really feel very sorry for not attending the meeting on March 31, 2017. First of all I want to inform you that this is the first time in my entire career of more than 12 years that I couldn’t manage to attend the meeting because of no prior knowledge of this meeting. I want to bring in your kind notice that I had reported back to college on March 11, 2017 after availing my Umrah leave. I signed a circular on March 17, 2017 which was about Spring break for teaching staff. Teaching staff was informed to report back on March 31, 2017. That circular contained no information regarding meeting with Principal. I have come to know through this show cause notice that this meeting was scheduled a month before but unfortunately it was not circulated to teaching staff. We all (teaching staff) came to know about the meeting when we came back after spring break on March 31, 2017.

Respected Sir, I came to college on 31st March, 2017 with the intention of taking half leave because of my son’s serious illness. My son is a patient of a chronic disease, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. A sudden flare up of disease made him paralyzed. He required immediate medical attention but there is only a single rheumatologist for kids in the whole Punjab (Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore) and taking appointment is a big task. Luckily, we got the appointment for Friday March 31, 2017 at 12:30. So, after reaching the college, I tried twice to contact with my HM but I found her busy. I attended the meeting with HM at 9:30 at J/R section which was about allocation of classes. After meeting when I again tried to contact her for half leave, she had left for senior section. I requested the school administration to call on HM cell phone. The school administration called 2 or 3 times on her cell phone but we got no response. Soon we came to know that HM’s mobile was at Junior section and she was at senior section. I became very upset, since I had to leave for Lahore at 10 o clock due to our appointment. I had no way to communicate with my HM. Moreover it was not possible at that time to inform Principal, since meeting was started at 10 o clock. So in her absence, I told the school administrative staff that please convey my message and tell the whole details to Mrs Samreen that I wanted to avail half leave for my son’s treatment at Lahore. Moreover, in HM’s absence we, the teaching staff always leave messages to Junior school administrative staff for HM and this is the same I did on that day. I left the college at about 10:20 a.m after informing the school administration again. I am a responsible, senior member of this institution that’s why I went to Lahore after informing the management and leaving message for my HM. It was a medical urgency and we had to reach there in time.

Attached herewith is the OPD visit receipt of Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore as proof to my visit to doctor for my son’s treatment on March 31, 2017.

2) Respected sir, it was an off day on April 1, 2017 for the rest of teaching staff except the members of Time Table committee. That’s why I didn’t come on Saturday, April 1, 2017.

3) I have given two contact numbers to school management. One of the mobile was lost. When school administration called me early in the morning on April 1, 2017, the other mobile was out of battery. I couldn’t charge it during travelling that’s why I was unable to receive any call.

4) Respected Sir, I am a dutiful, honest and responsible teacher who is truly loyal to her institution. I always try my best to abide by the rules of my institution and I never tried to willfully break any rule/law rather it might happen accidently or mistakenly.

Respected Sir, I have provided all the required details. Once again I apologize and really feel very sorry for not attending the meeting. To avoid such cases in future, it is therefore humbly requested to please inform the teaching staff about pre-scheduled meetings before time. So that if anyone is planning to avail any leave or is facing some other problem, can communicate timely to administration.

By providing all the facts, I expect that no disciplinary action will be taken against me. In future, I will be extremely careful and cautious with this regard.

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Currently I am working as branch manager in a bank. Yesterday I got a mail from general manager inspection department head office that mentioned in their mail that why not disciplinary action will not be taken against you for not complying the long time pending regular inspection.

So kindly suggest me how I will reply of that mail as soon as possible.As this regular inspection has not occured in my tenure. But I came to this branch just after inspection done. This inspection has occurred at my predecessor.so suggest me plz