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THE GREEN MILE by Stephen King

“The walk on death row can seem very long”

In 1994, the director Frank Darabont made an impressive debut with audiences and critics with the outstanding film about the tragedy and human courage - The Shawshank Redemption. Four years later, also in the setting of prison, Darabont reappeared with a film work adapted from the thrilling novel of a famous writer Stephen King: The Green Mile. Being released on December 9, 1999, the cast for the film was as follows: Tom Hanks (Paul Edgecomb), David Morse (Brutus Howel), Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey) among others.

The plot focuses on the life of Paul, an officer who considers a prisoner of death row during the Great Depression of the 1930s in the United States, along with the supernatural phenomena he witnesses. In the context of southern American society with full of chaos, John is sentenced to death for the rape and brutal murder of two white girls. Thanks to his special personality and ability, John gradually builds a friendship with Paul- the white butler, and eventually is vindicated although he is not capable of passing out of death. John begins to demonstrate supernatural powers; he cures Paul's bladder infection, resurrects Mr. Jingles, and heals Melinda Moores, wife of the prison's chief warden, of a brain tumor. The film reaches a climax when he releases into Percy this last affliction, who under its influence shoots prisoner William Wharton to death. John then reveals the story psychically to Paul, and, when doing so, he also releases his supernatural energy into Paul. Meanwhile, Percy is committed to the insane asylum.

As a fan of the thrilling novelist Stephen King, I find this film version has succeeded in depicting vividly the character image with a length of three hours. There is a little remarkable difference such as the structure of the narrative, the inclusion of the film "Top Hat", the detailed description of Janet’s death, or the terrible crime of William "Wild Bill" Wharton. However, the movie follows the book extremely closely, more so than just about any film adaption I can think of. The film is not only full of emotional moments John Coffey appeared softly and fancifully like a savior but also frightening once witnessing the Delacroix's deplorable death moment. Moreover, This film was nominated for four Oscar awards : Best Picture , Best Supporting Actor for Duncan, Best Sound and Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published . The actors, especially Ducan, give moving and believable performances and the director is excellent.

I would recommend “The Green Mile” film because it is a really humanistic one about the relationship between people in different positions and situations, about the beauty of honesty, all about the real life's harshness. It helps me to realize a bitter but flawless conclusion that life is inherently unfair, unfair to even angels with a pure heart. This film is well worth seeing. It will touch your heart and make you reflect on it over and over again. Don’t miss it.

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