How I Improve my writing skills !!! I mean technical writing plz I curious to know that thanx
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You need to find a good teacher, to read lots of well-written English, and to avoid using such "words" as "plz" and "thanx"!

Also, keep writing messages to forums like this, and take good note of the replies you get back.
I believe copying text, not only reading could be useful. I know it sounds boring and mechanical but I believe it helps.
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Hello Qureshi

Find someone you can impress with your increasing mastery of English. It's a great incentive.


How to improve writing?

Practise, practise, practise.

I like to compare writing with skating. Great skaters like Michelle Kwan have flawless basic techniques and great work ethics. A little bit of passion and self-confidence won't hurt either. Skaters at that level also know exactly where they need improvement. And yes, a good coach will help you with that...
He personifies evil. What he has done has a coz of great Dismay? Now on words No body trust on him. He was the discretional Authority. But he took extravagant advantages. Coz he knew nobody can stop him due to his post. He has proven that he personifies a cynic person. It was my mistake to trust on him many time and now I have to bear the pain
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Thank You Very much .... I will try would you be able to tell me which book or writer I shoud read I m in Sout Asia region I mean in Pakistan so refer me those books or writers which eastly available in Pakistan ,,Thank you .......
Sir Would you be able to tell me some good websites or books which helps me alot thank you very much
Hello Q

Here's my version of your text:

'He personifies evil. What he has done has been a cause of great dismay [or 'distress']. Now nobody believes a word he says. He was the ultimate authority. But he took excessive advantage of his position. Because he knew nobody could stop him. He has demonstrated that he is the personification of cynicism. It was my mistake to trust him on so many occasions and now I have to suffer the painful consequences.'

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