This may seem a silly qustion and i am not sure i am in the correct palce to ask, but if i am writeing to a women whom i do not know (A company execuitve for exsample) How would i adress the would it be Ms Miss Mrs Mizz, as i do not know if they are marryed.

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What if you have the last name but not the first name. Is there anyway to personalize the greating?

Do you really think it looks better to have 'Dear Miss/Mrs Smith' than 'Dear Ms Smith'? I don't think I have ever seen Miss/Mrs used in an address before....

Dlb - If you only have the surname then that is the only name you can use, with a title: Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms.
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I am writing to one woman and five gentlemen (I know all of their names). What salutation do I use?
Hello I am Ness or Naise. I am Thai. I would like to have a new friend. Are you glad to be my friend. You are very kind of me.

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If you write to someone you don't know, or anyone else for that matter, get your spelling right. The messy message you sent to the forum looks awful.
i wonted to wright about formal confermation letter like, if i know someone for long time and to say i know him or her for five or four years time. plese help me how can i start?
it should be Ms. if you do not know whether she is married or not
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Dear Sir/Madam, im not english native spoken and really im learning the language but your post and the form of you answer the questions is amazing. i really appreciate your help and want to leave in the record.

Yours faithfully,

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