This may seem a silly qustion and i am not sure i am in the correct palce to ask, but if i am writeing to a women whom i do not know (A company execuitve for exsample) How would i adress the would it be Ms Miss Mrs Mizz, as i do not know if they are marryed.

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If you use Ms, note that you need her last name.
Dear Ms Smith correct
Dear Ms incorrect

hi there!

umm..i think u should address them as Ms. since the word Ms. can be used for Ms.as well as Mrs.

i hope that helped
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next time i will write no spelling right.
it would be best to just put dear or to madam either that of to whom it may concern depends on what the letter is about
it is intersting to see..............but letters must come from one's heart. It depends on the intention, to the person it is being sent..................
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if you are writing a letter to a women you don't know that she is married or not you write miss
No, you don't.Emotion: surprise
you would call her mrs if she is married
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Anonymousyou would call her mrs if she is married
But you don't know if she is married or not.
And "mrs" is incorrect.
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