I'd like to know how to write (correctly) sounds that express a particular feeling.
Aargh! = ? how would you "translate" it? despair?
uh ? = ? hesitation?
dah! (duh?) = disgust?

Can you add others?

Can you also check the spelling?

Thank you!
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And we seem to have missed the hoary old 'tsk, tsk!'-- uttered as a voiceless but forceful hard-palatization of the tongue tip-- meaning 'how unfortunate/rude/careless'.
Go on, go on!
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Ah yes! And "tut-tut" – which now, curiously, is sometimes spoken.
Not the same as "tsk tsk", then...
Can you please translate "tut tut"? To a child? (shut up?)
Ummph. Let me see...

tut-tut (i.e. tongue-clicks) = noise of disapproval
"tut-tut!" (i.e. spoken) = noise of humorous disapproval


Harumph! = noise of humorous indignation

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How do you voice it?

Chin-scratching pondering?
Ummph -- 'wait a moment while I have a think about this one'

Oo-er, in 3/8 time:

G.......C D Bb
? ? ? | ? ? ? ||

Emotion: tongue tied
Oo-er, in 3/8 time:

G.......C D Bb
? ? ? | ? ? ? ||


Could you rephrase it with phonetical symbols, please?

or: "oo" = "poo"/ "eerr" = "peer"?
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Sorry! I thought you meant pitch.

oo as in 'poo'
er as in 'sir'



'Poo!' – 'what a horrible smell!' (another not-very-manly one)
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