I'd like to know how to write (correctly) sounds that express a particular feeling.
Aargh! = ? how would you "translate" it? despair?
uh ? = ? hesitation?
dah! (duh?) = disgust?

Can you add others?

Can you also check the spelling?

Thank you!
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Could you please stage "oo-er"?
I think 'oo-er!' was used in the Carry On films (which if you've never seen, I could only fail to describe); while 'oo-er missus!' was the catchphrase of the 60s comedian Frankie Howerd.

Traditionally, you use it to draw attention to a particularly subtle innuendo, that might otherwise be missed. So if your local vicar were telling you about the purchase of a magnificent new organ at your local church, for instance, you would say 'oo-er!' after the phrase 'magnificent organ'. (The vicar would find this extremely amusing.)

Or say it was your first day at a new job. Your new manager might be explaining the workings of some complicated piece of machinery. She might say, for instance:

"Now, if you run into any trouble, just twiddle that big knob over there."

At this point, if you wanted to make a really good impression, you would immediately chime in with an 'oo-er, missus!'. (Your 3-month probation period would of course be a mere formality, after that.)

Or imagine you bumped into that same manager emerging from a shop with a pair of big juicy melons held to her chest. In such circumstances, it would be almost de rigueur to look down at the fruits in question, and yell out 'oo-er!' as loudly as you could.

Measurements provide many opportunities. Generally speaking, any sentence that refers to a length that is between 3 and 9 inches may be answered with an 'oo-er'. (Curiously, mentions of centimetres are exempt.)

Or again, let's say you've been invited to an exclusive Christmas dinner. Your host is carving the turkey. He puts a few slices on your plate. "Do you want stuffing?" he enquires. A non-native (female) speaker in this situation might simply say "yes, please". But a native female will invariably respond with an 'oo-er, missus!' (As a rule of thumb: the more exclusive the event, the more important it is that you respond in this way.)

I hope that helps.

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No, I've never seen the "Carry on" films, sad, sad...

But I think I can get a picture. I'll have to practise in front of my mirror now, plus (+) print the whole, but you've all been more than helpful!
MrPedantic'Oi'!' – indignant noise; a guinea pig has just whipped a sizzling sausage 'off of' your plate.
I guess the 'oi' could be quickly followed by a
'Splat' - noise made by something containing liquid, and sometimes sausage, being impacted and squashed.
Hey pieanne, two more...

yeow! - a howl when something heavy falls on your foot

ooooooooowwwwwwww - a wolf cry or a dog howl :-)
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I guess the 'oi' could be quickly followed by a
'Splat' - noise made by something containing liquid, and sometimes sausage, being impacted and squashed.
Ah. That resolves another thread too.

Hi MrP! Came across two more today and just couldn't resist the temptation to share it with everyone. Emotion: smile

Yooo Hooo! - a call to attract someone's attention.

Boo Hoo! - sound of someone sobbing loudly.


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i want to know how to spell words corectaly and how to get sounds to do with work on my computar
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