I'd like to know how to write (correctly) sounds that express a particular feeling.
Aargh! = ? how would you "translate" it? despair?
uh ? = ? hesitation?
dah! (duh?) = disgust?

Can you add others?

Can you also check the spelling?

Thank you!
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in your opinion what would be the sound of a page turning?

and of someones finger brushing down a page?
Hi Benita,

How do u say ...."I m not onto U "

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Mhmmm- Agreeing with someone.
Mmmm- Most likely saying it after eating a good food.
Hmm- Thinking of what to say.
Arfff Arfff Arfff- What walruses say.
Meowww- What cats say.
Vroom- Cars usually do.
Ughh- Usually what you would say if you weren't excited about something.
Ughh ohh- Made a mistake.
Cha Ching- Cash register or you made money.
Bah Bling- Sparkiling of a piece of jewelry.
Wow! thank you for this. I was looking all over the internet for words like these. I am not a very good speller so when I am texting or emailing ~ these types of words come in handy for me.
Thank you soooooo much! Emotion: winkI needed that for a project! Ty! Emotion: wink
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whn somone is wlking on somthg th wrds u usully use r: creak, snap, thump, etc. wht wuld you use for when a car is coming to a stop? sory abt speling dont hve mch time. thnks dude.
Anonymoussory abt speling dont hve mch time.
Sorry about not answering; I don't have much time, either.
I also use 'Whoa(h)' a lot, I don't no how to explain the use of it, but I can give some examples:

'Whoa, relax, it's going to be okay.'
Or use it in: 'Whoa, what did you just say? Say that again!'
Or use it in: 'Whoa whoa, back off!'
You can use it in many different sentences Emotion: smile hope this will help.
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Hey how about a <sigh> how would u write that in?
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